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Here are some answers to questions you might be asking yourself


Why should I computerize my books?

There are many reasons to computerize your books.  One is organization. Having all your bills, deposits, checking accounts all in one place.  Another reason is to have numbers at your finger tips, income, expenses, cash balances, etc.  A computerized system can be setup to reconcile your bank accounts anytime you wish (no having to wait until statements are reconciled).  It will help to minimize the time necessary for your Accountant/CPA to prepare your taxes. Should you ever be audited by the IRS, having a complete organized system will definitely make the process easier.  

Can’t I just have my Accountant/ CPA do my bookkeeping for me?

Most accountants are not staffed to provide day-to-day bookkeeping services for their clients.  Many accountants/CPA’s would refer you out to someone like us for bookkeeping services.  It is usually less expensive to have a bookkeeper provide these services than your accountant/CPA.

Are you proficient with Quickbooks/ Quicken?

We are proficient in both Quickbooks and Quicken along with other accounting software packages.


Business Consulting:

What is a digital filing system and how can it help my business?

A digital system will allow you to scan all your documents into an organized electronic filing cabinet.  While no office is paper “free”, this goes a long way to freeing up space in your office.  The ability to then scan through these documents allows you to quickly find, print or email anything you may be looking for.


A disaster recovery plan allows you to backup all your important documents.  If your computer  crashes, you can recover ALL your important documents with little down time. This can often be accomplished for less than $1.00 per week.


HR Consulting:

I have disciplined and fired employees in the past. Why do I need your help now?

It is a good idea to have an outside, unbaised person to discuss tyour situation with and to witness any meetings you may have with the employee.  HR experience is a big plus in this area.

Why do I need an employee handbook?

If you have even one employee, it is important to have a handbook.  Having a handbook allows you to put in writing all your procedures and policies important to the employee performing their duties.  Having the handbook signed for allows you to have a record that the employee has read, understood and agreed to abide by all the policies and procedures included in the handbook.


General Questions:

What is Dial-in Technology?

Through various online programs we use, We can connect remotely to your computer from our office.  We can make this connection to work on your bookkeeping, help you get to reports you may need, provide computer desktop support, etc.

What is a Disaster Recovery plan and why do I need one?


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