What we do for Business Owners…

Your helping hand in Business

As a business owner, you might find that keeping your books seems to be a neverending burden. This might very well be time that you would rather spend doing other things. Many of our clients report that it would take them two or three times as long as it takes us to accomplish the same bookkeeping tasks. That’s because Bookkeeping is what we do every day.

Here is a breif list of reasons why J. Burns Bookkeeping is the answer to your needs as a Business owner;

  • you don’t have the time to maintain your books personally
  • you don’t have enough work to hire someone to do this for you full time
  • you don’t want an employee to see your cash flow (or profits)
  • you don’t want an employee to see what everyone at you company (including you) earns
  • you are tired of hearing your tax professional tell you to get organized
  • you want to decrease your billable hours with your tax professional
  • you are neglecting other projects that need your attention
  • you need to find more time to grow your business
  • you want to have your (up to the minute) financials at your fingertips
  • you are paying unnecessary fees to your bank because checks and deposits get crossed at the bank



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